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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia renewed for Season 15

by Khyle Deen. Published Sat 06 Jun 2020 14:16, last updated: 06/06/20

It has officially been announced that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been renewed for a 15th Season.

This makes IASIP the longest running live action sitcom by season count, in American television history, FX recently confirmed on social media. In case you were wondering, yes, the gang will indeed be dealing with COVID-19 in the upcoming season.

While it is clear that the shows' creators Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day didn't have a goal for an American TV record when the hit comedy began, now that they're in the history books, the stars have no intention of ending things. "For us, we just have a short checklist: Do we still enjoy it, are we still having fun, are we still stretching ourselves creatively, and is the audience still there?" McElhenney recently said. "It seems like all those boxes keep getting checked, so we keep coming back."

The series is about a group of friends who run an Irish pub in South Philadelphia. It stars the aforementioned creators McElhenney, Howerton and Day, alongside Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito.

n the interim, McElhenny is continuing work on his own Apple TV+ original series, Mythical Quest, the series recently debuted an emotional quarantine episode. We can all imagine that the Always Sunny gang will have a much more many take on the pandemic - so it'll be fun to watch.

Season 15 of Always Sunny has no premiere date set, but it's expected to be some time in 2021.


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