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Highs and Lows of WWE Monday Night Raw: The Man in Manchester, Survivor Series build-up and a pregnancy scandal

by Khyle Deen. Published Wed 13 Nov 2019 21:09, last updated: 28/08/20

Much like last week's ediition of Friday Night SmackDown, Raw this week took place in Manchester, England. Tt was once again, a decent show for the most part.

The broadcast kicked off with RAW Women's Champion, The Man, Becky Lynch, our first high, Becky cut a brilliant (as always) promo, talking about being back in the UK, where her career began when she was 15 years old. All these years later, she is now the Women's Champion, sitting at the top of the division.

Becky says that she's aware that the challengers are hungry, that the list of challengers looking to take her out is getting longer, she has one message for them all: bring it on, ring them all on. Lynch says that she’ll never stop running her mouth, slapping faces and making everyone better. She wants to reclaim her legacy, and once again become Becky two belts. Charlotte Flair's music hits as we get our first match of the evening.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are taking on WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors for their Titles. Lynch is replacing Natalya on this occassion, who has "family obligations" according to commentary.

It was a great match which saw the ending further build up the upcoming Survivor Series PPV when NXT Women's Champ Shayna Baszler distracted Becky Lynch, SmackDown Women's Champ Bayley attacks Shayna, this distracts Becky, allowing Asuka to roll up Becky for the pinfall victory and retain the gold for her team. Following the match, Bayley attacked Lynch. Another high.

Backstage, we see Ricochet with Randy Orton as the OC are harrassing Humberto Carrillo. Ricochet stops the teasing, the OC mock him and propose a match, telling him that he has. Orton walks up and agrees to tags with Ricochet & Carrillo against the OC.

Seth Rollins heads to the ring and talks about the recent NXT drama. He says that Triple H lit a fire in him, and while he started in NXT, Raw is his home. At Survivor Series, he and his gang will finish the drama. Rollins says that he wants to prove that he’s the best and issues an open challenge to the UK’s best.

WALTER arrives, Imperium with him, and says he is the UK's best. He is the ring general, WALTER, the NXT UK Champion. They are Imperium and are here to restore honor to the sport. Seth says that WALTER may think he’s the best and that with his NXT UK Title, he may be the UK's best and accepts his challenge.

Rollins and Walter put on a quick match that ends when Imperium intefere and beat down on Rollins.

This brings out The Street Profits and Kevin Owens to make the save, setting up a tag team match between Rollins, Owens and The Street Profits vs Imperium. The ending saw Rollins and co pick up the win, while it wasn't the best thing to see an established team like Imperium lose,the match was great, and the entire promo segment and following matches were one big high.

Later in the evening, it was drama time, Lana makes her way to the ring and says that she’s here to confess, but the love of her life Lashley didn’t want her to. The truth is that she has some flaws, but is always tells the truth. She cheated on Rusev, says that Rusev cheated first, and that seven weeks ago, was the first time that had sex with Lashley. Lana says that yes, it’s their sexiversary. It was amazing sex, and she was monogamous with Lashley. She got knocked into last week on Raw and got turned into a meme.

Lana said Lashley supported her, took her to the doctor, and that thankfully everything is fine. She then reveals that she is nine weeks pregnant. She calls the crowd stupid, and says that Rusev put a brat inside her. Lana calls Rusev a Bulgarian son of a bitch and that she could feel herself getting more bloated and feeling fat.

Rusev arrives and Lana calls him a sex addict, the crowd begins cheering. Rusev says first, he’s a sex addict,then a cheater, and now a father. He’s not calling her a liar, but says she’s manipulating things. Lana slaps Rusev repeatedly and Lashley arrives. he beats down Rusev after Lana rakes his eyes. Lana tells Lashley she was faking the pregnancy. At first, this angle was so awful that it was brilliant, now though, it's a mess that can no longer be defended if we're being serious... a low, an amusing one due to Rusev being involved, we all love Rusev, but even he couldn't raise this one to a high...

A few matches later, and we're backstage again with Ricochet and Randy Orton. Ricochet tells Orton that he knows Randy will try to RKO him tonight. Orton says to relax and that the last thing Ricochet needs, is Randy Orton getting in his head.

Dale gas! It's time for the main event of the evening, as Humberto Carrillo, Randy Orton and Ricochet face off against the original, the official... the ONLY Club that matters, The OC, consisting of Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and the WWE United States Champion, AJ Styles. This match was match of the night, the ending saw Orton creep up behind Ricochet, teasing an RKO, but then nailing Styles with one instead, then tagging in Carrillo who hit a brilliant moonsault for the pinfall victory. It was fantastic little match to send the crowd home happy, some people online have been calling Orton's actions a babyface turn, it doesn't completely seem that way, as Orton warned Ricochet that he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable ending to a pretty good edition of Raw.

Highs - 6
Lows - 1


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