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Dexter Season 8 ending inspired fan to get Dexter blood splatter tattoo

by Andy Johnson. Published Fri 15 Nov 2013 11:33, last updated: 15/11/13

A fan of cult TV show Dexter has had a tribute tattoo featuring the serial killer's face, after being left disappointed by the way the series ended.

The huge US TV hit features vigilante serial killer Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, who singles out victims after they fall foul of his strict moral code.

But the majority of fans were left disappointed by the show's big finale in season 8, which saw the blood spatter expert turned serial killer leave behind his life in Miami.

He then faked his own death before finally a bushy-bearded Dexter is found in what appears to be a lumber camp in the Great Northwest.

Many fans wanted Dexter to die, but show bosses at Showtime refused to kill off the character, claiming that he is too popular.

Dexter-mad Rebecca Redmond has a blood splattered design of the killer's face emblazoned across her right thigh and says its proved her most popular tattoo with people asking to have their photo taken with it.

Rebecca, a Digital Marketeer and alternative model, from Liverpool said she's been amazed by the reaction to her tattoo and she won't regret having it done because 'Dexter won't let her down.'

Blue-haired beauty Rebecca, 23, said: "Being a huge Dexter fan I wanted to pay tribute to the end of the show.

"He's my favourite TV character.

"I felt it was the best way to way celebrate Dexter - the ending of the show was very frustrating. Like most fans I felt cheated because you wanted more for him.

"Lots of people have heard about my tattoo and if someone spots it on a night out - they all want to pose for pictures with it.

"Its definitely not something I'll regret when I'm older - I love all my tattoos.

"But Dexter will always hold a special place in my heart - he won't let me down."

Photos by Joanna Hufton/Mercury Press


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"Blood spatter*" Anon, Miami around 7 years, 10 months ago

"so disappointing for dexter. I think they should've saved john lithgows character for the final season.,it just didn't feel like dexter " jo, belgrave around 7 years, 12 months ago