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Taken 2 Movie Review

by Camilla McNatty. Published Tue 09 Oct 2012 17:20

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Despite the critical reviews of Liam Neeson's action sequel, Taken 2 is fraught with tension and will please fans who appreciated the force and power of the Irish actor in the initial offering.

The premise of the sequel is much the same as in the first film. Liam Neeson plays a retired CIA officer who ultimately spends 90 minutes fighting the bad guys- and wins.

The first movie saw Bryan Mills (Neeson) on a frantic search for his kidnapped daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace). He employs all his agency training and attempts to track his daughter through the Parisian underworld.

He easily maneuvers his way through the criminal gang who is responsible, torturing and killing any who gets in his way.

Taken 2 sees the families of the criminals Mills has murdered seek revenge and both he and his wife are captured, leaving his daughter to orchestrate their rescue.

With the help of a carefully concealed mobile phone, Mills is able to communicate with his daughter, currently hiding in a wardrobe, and she is adamant that she will fight his captors.

With the help of a selection of guns and grenades, Kim begins her route across the rooftops of Istanbul to the destination of her parents.

The film is full of the car chases and Neeson's no nonsense attitude which serves the original film so well. The majority of the movie takes place in Istanbul, and the setting is beautiful- heightened by views from the rooftops on which the action takes place.

The sequel is released with a 12A rating in contrast to the original of 15, and this is evident in the way Neeson undertakes his murderous spree.

There is no prolonged electrocution and instead a series of quick shootings. The ultimate conflict is slightly awkward with Neeson and the main kidnapper resorting to a fist fight in order to triumph.

There are some slightly cringe-worthy moments regarding a sub-plot between Kim and a new boyfriend which sees Neeson exerting his fatherly influence but the majority of the audience are well aware of what to expect from this film.

Attempts to bestow merit or question the formula distracts from essentially a balanced action film which offers a tensity, which ultimately delivers.

In the box office at least, the second installment of Taken has surpassed all expectations, taking over 6.19 million pounds between Friday and Sunday alone. It has easily tripled the takings of the first film- a true testament to the film's cult status and the power Neeson has now acquired.


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