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Bill Harry to recreate the Mersey sound

by Hugh O'Connell. Published Thu 27 Aug 2009 22:35, last updated: 28/08/09

Bill Harry, founder of the influential Mersey Beat newspaper, is to make a film set in 1960s Liverpool, celebrating the era of The Beatles and the famous Mersey sound.

Harry was speaking at the launch of his new book 'Bigger Than The Beatles', a story celebrating the other artists who were part of the Liverpool music scene when The Beatles emerged.

He now hopes that he can re-create the city as it was in the 1960s to share the unknown stories of the Mersey sound era.

In an interview with Purple Revolver, Harry revealed: "I've been preparing a movie and there should be a film made within the next few years about the whole Mersey Beat scene.

"It will be a story about a young couple in Liverpool who go round and it's all the adventures they have with all the groups and their music.

"It's everything from Derry Wilkie to Rory Storm and The Hurricanes. There are great, fantastic stories and anecdotes, the Scouse humour, the fun and there's the music throughout.

"The things that John Lennon used to do and stuff like that."

Harry, who has partly written the script, revealed that it will be made by a producer with thirteen films and two Oscars to his name but would not be drawn on his identity.

He added: "I want to recreate what Liverpool was like around 1961 to 1965. Maybe going down The Cavern with handheld cameras, things like that.

"It's for the people around the world who love the Mersey music in Japan, Australia and America, to get the essence of what it really felt like.

"I want to recreate what Liverpool was like then."

The film is due for release in 2011, the 50th anniversary of Mersey Beat.

Watch more from Bill Harry in our exclusive interview.


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