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Lindsay Lohan jailed for 90 days

by Toni Garden. Published Wed 07 Jul 2010 09:03

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to spend three months in the clink after missing her rehabilitation classes.

The judge said she was "tired of hearing how she comes and goes as she pleases" and that it was time to face her responsibilities.

The video shows the outrage at the sentencing as she continues to mutter "is she serious' and seems to look for Ashton Kutcher yelling "PUNKED!".

But her disbelief soon turns to tears as the Disney starlet quickly realised Judge Judy was serious.

Lohan, 24, broke a three-year-old probation order by failing to attend seven alcohol education classes.

The Judge also ordered that Lindsay must spend 90 days in rehab after her 90 day lock up.

It won't be her first time in the pen. In 2007, she spent a ridiculous 84 minutes in jail after admitting being under the influence of cocaine and drink driving.

Lindsay seemed genuinely devastated at being told she would loose her freedom for 90 days but took some small rebellion by writing the words 'Fuck You' on her painted nails, which she happily kept in view of the camera.


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"serves her right, cant stand this girl!" sadie thomas, bristol around 9 years, 8 months ago