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BFI start the search for lost Hitchcock

by Martin Higgins. Published Tue 06 Jul 2010 13:36

The British Film Institute have declared their intent to find scores of lost films, including works by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Mountain Eagle in particular has been mentioned as one of the films that could potentially be found and saved from obscurity.

The Mountain Eagle was a 1928 black and white silent movie about a dastardly father and his son, a lovely schoolteacher and an innocent man who has been falsely imprisoned. Alfred Hitchcock who directed it once described the movie as "awful" and would not be too happy at thought of it resurfacing.

The origional film is lost, but the British Film Institute is convinced that somebody somewhere has it. Now the BFI wants a copy to add to its archive, the largest resource of film in the world with more than 180,000 films and 750,000 television programmes.

The Mountain Eagle is the only missing Hitchcock, but the BFI launches a hunt today for scores more British movies that have disappeared over the years.

The list includes such films as Sherlock Holmes's first screen appearance in 1914's A Study in Scarlet; the first H.G Wells science fiction film and The First Men in the Moon (1919).


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