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Talks ongoing for Tom Cruise and Top Gun return

by Norman Parker. Published Fri 02 Jul 2010 10:57

Hit 80’s movie Top Gun is rumoured to be on the verge of a comeback with talks in progress for a sequel.

Jerry Bruckheimer who worked on the original film as producer has intimated that the main players have talked about a comeback, "We were recently approached again to start talking about it but, you know, nothing yet.

The main stumbling block however is the script, and how they would bring the characters up to date with modern day aviation saying, "We kicked around some ideas because the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago.

“So we have to find a way in and how to incorporate the Maverick character into it.”

Bruckheimer admitted that a sequel had been attempted in the past but to no avail as there were too many stumbling blocks.

He said, “We tried to develop a sequel and we couldn't do it - I was with my partner Don Simpson and the story wouldn’t come.”

So far attempts to resurrect Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s character have failed, even Tom Cruise's input could not breathe new life into the project. Bruckheimer elaborated saying, “Tom (Cruise) took it over and he tried to develop something and it never quite happened. We live in hope.”


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