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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in new Eclipse snippet

by Toni Garden. Published Fri 18 Jun 2010 18:02, last updated: 09/07/10

Sickeningly loved up teens, Edward and Bella have set new rules for sexually rampant teenagers everywhere, making abstinance cool and bringing vampires out of the coffin and into the lime light.

In this new clip they show all us filthy sluts that there are other things to do while lying in bed with a hot man.

Can't think what that might be....

Everyone watching?


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"I just wish I could be 20 years younger and I would be happy to show him what he should be doing in bed!!" Karen, Herts. UK around 8 years ago

"BS the two of them are druggies and are shacking up! Kristen cusses like a sailor and Robert tells off colored jokes. These two are whor*s!" Carlie, Austin around 8 years ago

"Very Jealous! I want to replace bella and be his Grace!!!!!" Grace, London around 8 years ago

"I totally agree" Kristina, California around 8 years ago

"What I wouldn't do to that man if I were in her position " Lynnie, Stockholm, Sweden around 8 years ago

"OMG!!! I really can't wait now!! Gunna be amazingg.. damnn I wish I was Kristen :L " Kirstyy , Llandudno around 8 years ago