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Quentin Tarantino grants NYC waitress a private audience

by Pierce King. Published Mon 07 Jun 2010 10:02, last updated: 07/06/10

Inglourious Basterd director Quentin Tarantino gave a New York waitress the chance of a lifetime after answering her impromptu request for a business meeting.

The aspiring actress was working at West Village Mexican restaurant Mercadito Grove, when she spotted the Kill Bill creator walking past and ran after him.

A source at the eatery said: "She saw Quentin walk by the restaurant the other day and ran after him to introduce herself. She gave him her card and told him that if he came back, she'd buy the first round of drinks."

The Pulp Fiction writer-director returned the next day, with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas star Benicio del Toro in toe.

The source added: "She wasn't working, but the manager called her and she came right over and hooked up with them. She was beaming ear to ear to be granted a private audience with her hero."

The trio enjoyed a few rounds of drinks and were reportedly getting on like a house on fire, before taking the party elsewhere.

This penchant for random encounters with fans and people looking for a break makes Quentin a hero in Purple Revolver's book. QT we salute you.


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"yeah, but do you think QT would have done the same for a guy? I think there were alternative motives there. " ken, Vancouver around 9 years, 9 months ago