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Rupert Wyatt going Ape?

by Toni Garden. Published Thu 08 Apr 2010 21:11, last updated: 08/04/10

Director Rupert Wyatt (The Escapist) is rumoured to be taking on the prequel to Planet of the Apes entitled Caesar.

Despite mixed reviews for Tim Burton’s remake of the original, plans for the prequel have been in the works for a few years, but Mammoth productions have now finally opened their offices for pre-production.

Screen writer Scott Frank denied rumours that Wyatt will be remaking Conquest of the Apes and emphasized that the prequel will not feature talking monkeys or end with apes roaming the streets in a hostile take over.

Doesn’t really sound like a winner when you put it like that Scott, Planet of the Apes film with no angry, talking apes?..

But before we all throw our bananas at the screen, Mammoth Productions have stated that the story will be feature around one super chimp raised by humans who incites the end for mankind.

Filming starts in July.


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