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Skins star tweets Wuthering Heights casting announcement

by Toni Garden. Published Tue 06 Apr 2010 17:28

Through the power of Twitter Kaya Scodelario announced that she will be the next actress to play the infamous Yorkshire temptress Cathy.

“I’m gonna be in the new Wuthering Heights film! as cathy! should probs read the book… start filming next month,cant wait!”

Having finished her last series of Skins as Nick Holt’s alluring little sister Effy and tasted life on the silver screen in a minor role in Moon, Scodelario is following in Nick’s footsteps and taking the lead on the big screen.

After a rocky start with original director John Maybury pulling out and casting rumours of Natalie Portman and Ed Westwick being shot down, Fish Tanks Andrea Arnold has been confirmed as the new director and made some decisions on casting.

Like her last film Fish Tank, Arnold seems to be looking at relatively young unknowns for the film seeking out a specific Heathcliff with the casting call asking for a “genuine Romany Gypsy/South Asian/Mediterranean/Indian/mixed race”

With filming starting in a month she may want to narrow down the search, any suggestions for a new, young Heathcliff?

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