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Top 10 movie endings you just don’t see coming...

by Toni Garden. Published Thu 18 Mar 2010 12:33, last updated: 18/03/10

Shutter Island opened this week and like every good mystery film, you will find yourself annoying the hell out of other cinema goers by trying to work out the ending before the big reveal.

Purple Revolver have picked 10 classic twists from stories and spoilers for peeps who have been hiding under a rock for the last decade in fear of the silver screen...

Fight club

The Story?

Young, well-paid and held prisoner in his own life by insomnia and a Sweedish flat-pack furniture habit (which all 30-something miseries can relate to), Edward Norton plays a character simply known as The Narrator. He seeks to escape his mundane existence with the help of a super sleek soap salesman named Tyler Durden(Brad Pitt).

You didn’t see... That Brad’s not real and Ed is crazy. More shockingly that Helena is the only sane person in the film.

The Sixth sense

The story?

Bruce Willis plays Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist who receives an award for his work the same night that he is visited by an unsatisfied ex-patient. A year after the incident Crowe takes his next case, a young boy with the same symptoms as the ex-patient. The boy claims that he 'sees dead people.'

You didn’t see... Crowe’s shocking discovery that he has actually been dead since the patient doctor reunion at the start of the film was highly talked about at school the next day and still one of M. Night Shyamalan’s best.

Primal Fear

The story? Sweet, stuttering Alter boy Aaron (Edward Norton) is found covered in the Arch bishops blood having fled the scene. Aaron pleads innocence, claiming to have seen a third man, Roy, in the room when the Bishop was murdered. It is up to arrogant lawyer Richard Gere to find Roy but he doesn’t have to look far when sweet Aaron turns hillbilly and becomes Roy.

You didn’t see... Ed Norton’s fantastic southern drawl turning out to be the real killer and the sweet alter boy merely covering a southern psycho.

The Crying Game

The story? Furgus, an IRA volunteer escapes to London after a hostage is accidently killed. He seeks out the hostages girlfriend Dil and after burying his past starts to form a relationship with her.

You didn’t see... Dil is a man?!

The Others

The Story?

After her husband goes off to war a woman is left to take care of her two photosensitive children. Living constantly by candle light, she becomes convinced that her home is haunted.

You didn’t see.... Nicole is actually a ghost? And a child killer.


The Story?

Retiring detective Morgan Freeman must team up with his replacement Brad Pitt to solve the gruesome murders that are being inspired by the seven deadly sins.

You didn’t see... Gwyn’s head in the box. Well no one actually saw it but just the final delivery was enough to earn an audible gasp.

The Green Mile

The Story?

The lives of prison guards on death row are changed forever by strange but endearing prisoner, John Coffey who is on death row for a double rape and murder.

You didn’t see...The guards execute John Coffey. We really thought he was gonna get away too.

The Usual Suspects

The Story?

Crippled con-man, Verbal Kint narrates the story behind an exploded boat that contains 27 bodies and $91 million worth of drug money. His story is one of corruption and the possible identification of a shadowy criminal mastermind, Keyser Soze.

You didn’t see... 'The gimp' turning out to be the great and feared Keyser Soze. A great realisation shot that echoes the audiences own bewilderment as Kevin Spacey limps away. Perfection.


The Story?

Sadistic serial killer ‘Jigsaw’ is teaching lessons the hard way making victims play the game and choosing between a body part or another’s suffering. His latest contestants are forced to spent some quality time together chained in a bathroom with Jigsaw’s last victim lying dead between them

You didn’t see... John Kramer, the lifeless corpse that had been right there the whole, agonising time getting up and revealing that he is the real Jigsaw killer.

The Machinist

The Story?

Trevor Reznik hasn’t slept in a year. His insomnia gradually leads to hallucinations, paranoia and Reznik being convinced that a co-worker is haunting him for some mysterious vendetta.

You didn’t see... Reznik makes sense of an otherwise twisted film confessing to a tragic hit-and-run accident that has lead to his insanity. A resounding audience “ooooohhhh” sounds as the confession explains Trevor’s strange behaviour and emaciated physique.


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