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Movie icon Corey Haim dies aged 38

by Toni Garden. Published Thu 11 Mar 2010 16:27, last updated: 11/03/10

Death by Stereo – The Lost Boys

Teenage movie and 80’s icon Corey Haim was pronounced dead at Providence St Joseph Medical Centre this morning after a supposed accidental overdose on prescriptive pills.

Any movie montage from the golden era of Hollywood comedy wouldn’t be complete without Corey Haim.

The teenage heart-throb earned his place in film folklore with iconic classics Dream A Little Dream and A License To Drive.

But perhaps he will be most fondly remembered as an 80s star for his performance alongside Kiefer Sutherland in the legend that is, The Lost Boys.

More recently Haim had starred in a reality series aptly named The Two Corey’s with his old co-star and friend, Corey Feldman.

Both Haim and Feldman had not kept their illness with prescriptive drug abuse a secret and it seems that Haim’s addiction got the better of him.


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