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Johnny Depp - Eva Green romance: we thought she was a 'real life witch'

by Pierce King. Published Sat 12 May 2012 13:26

Dark Shadows star Johnny Depp has told how he believed that glamorous co-star Eva Green was a real life witch on set and described her as 'a different breed of human.'

Eva, 31 and Johnny, 48, have both hit out at rumours that they enjoyed a romance during filming of the Gothic love story.

Johnny, plays out-of-time vampire Barnabus Collins, who wakes up from a 200 year slumber after being locked in a metal box by Eva's character for scorning her affections.

The Edward Scissorhands actor said that he and long time collaborator Tim Burton liked to imagine that the former Bond girl 'really is a witch' and that 'she hovers off the ground.'

Johnny said: "That is something that Tim said to me early on, that Eva somehow, is a witch.

"Not saying that in some horrible way, but she has this quality that is supernatural.

"It's like she hovers off the ground a little bit.

"She's a different breed of human."


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