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  • Sex and The City 2 Review

    Sex and The City 2 Review 30/05/10 Is this really female empowerment on an unlimited budget or the final death rattle for mutton dressed as glam? Read more

  • MacGruber review - Not Will's Forte

    MacGruber review - Not Will's Forte 28/05/10 MacGruber, the movie, is a spin off of a Saturday Night Live sketch, which was a parody of MacGyver, an 80s TV action-adventure series. Read more

  • Bad Lieutenant review

    Bad Lieutenant review 26/05/10 It’s not often that you can say a noir with sex, drugs and guns has made you smile but Werner Herzog has described his Bad Lieutenant to be a tale of the “Bliss of Evil” and never before has being bad been so very, Read more

  • Eyes Wide Open review

    Eyes Wide Open review 18/05/10 Director Haim Tabakman has shown the turmoil that the question of sexuality can create not just from those pointing the finger but from those asking the question as well. Read more

  • Robin Hood review

    Robin Hood review 13/05/10 Russell Crowe in tights? No chance Read more

  • Letters To Juliet review

    Letters To Juliet review 11/05/10 Since the 1930’s Juliet (Romeo’s ex) has been sent thousands of letters from lovesick women all over the world. More notes are pinned by visitors to the cobbled wall in the courtyard where the fated couple nurtured Read more

  • Four Lions review 10/05/10 Explaining how his research into the infamous terrorist training camps lead to his latest offering shows that Morris’s ability to hit the zeitgeist is both intelligent and unwavering; Read more

  • Iron Man 2 review

    Iron Man 2 review 05/05/10 The film picks up two years later and Stark Industries is in disarray since its leader became the saviour of world peace behind his own weapon of mass destruction. Read more

  • Repo Men review

    Repo Men review 02/05/10 From the title and the poster, one would assume this film is about two men who repossess cars; there is an expectation of a gangster tone (that’s a very big gun Forest is toting) and a little buddy comedy. Read more

  • I am Love review

    I am Love review 01/05/10 Tilda Swinton can be a very cold and intimidating actress, from The White Witch in the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe or the adulteress wife of John Malcovich in Burn After Reading... Swinton knows how to play a bitch. Read more

  • The Square review

    The Square review 26/04/10 The Square follows the descent of a man who longed for that little bit more, and got it. It’s a tale of desire, deceit, betrayal, violence and revenge. Read more

  • Cemetery Junction review

    Cemetery Junction review 24/04/10 Merchant and Gervais' first foray into filmmaking neither bores nor delights with their 70's rites of passage comedy/drama. Read more

  • Kick Ass review - Chloe Moretz steals the show

    Kick Ass review - Chloe Moretz steals the show 02/04/10 Being described as a superhero flick that will 'Redefine superhero movies in the same way that Pulp Fiction redefined crime movies' Kick Ass sucker punches its way onto the big screen. Read more

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo review

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo review 19/03/10 All the right ingredients to a classic Whodunit film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at first seems like a typical film for the ‘special offer’ bucket in Asda. Read more

  • Micmacs review

    Micmacs review 18/03/10 The Paris of Micmacs, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s latest film, is grittier than the nostalgic Paris of the phenomenon that was Amelie. Read more

Page 21 of 22, of 438 Movie Reviews news articles. Showing 401-420