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  • Burlesque movie review

    Burlesque movie review 17/12/10 If you're thinking pasties and poles when mulling about the movie Burlesque and issues around truth in advertising, forget about it Read more

  • Little Fockers film review 17/12/10 This latest addition to the series is juvenile, hackneyed, with over strained humour and all other comedies can now be judged with a simple 'Was it as bad as Little Fockers?' Read more

  • Biutiful movie review

    Biutiful movie review 15/12/10 This is a Spanish drama that has no idea what it's about and, when you don't know what you want to say, it's usually better to make it snappy and get the hell out. Read more

  • Coen Brothers True Grit movie review

    Coen Brothers True Grit movie review 15/12/10 True Grit 2010 has the exact same storyline and characters as the original True Grit released in 1969, which was an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Read more

  • Casino Jack film review

    Casino Jack film review 13/12/10 Where is Wikileaks when you need them? Notorious convicted US lobbyist Jack Abramoff was just released from custody on December 4th, yet not a peep from the corporate media. Read more

  • Little Rose movie review

    Little Rose movie review 12/12/10 This is a true story about divided loyalties, misguided love and the betrayed becoming the betrayer. It's all played out against a backdrop of escalating political unrest in communist Poland in the 1960s and makes for co Read more

  • The Tourist film review

    The Tourist film review 11/12/10 Enter Angelina Jolie as a sly, elusive double or even possibly triple agent in The Tourist, locking horns when not lips with infatuated nerd Johnny Depp and the indignant critical fix is in. Read more

  • Barney's Version movie review

    Barney's Version movie review 06/12/10 Recording events in someone's life as they happen, year after year, is always going to be a plod unless, of course, the subject is so scintillating that each moment can be savored simply for what it is. Read more

  • I am Comic movie review

    I am Comic movie review 06/12/10 A huge cast of comics are interviewed in this ambitious documentary and although some of them are successful, the filmmaker never lets this interfere with the telling of his tale Read more

  • All Good Things movie review

    All Good Things movie review 06/12/10 This film is based on the true story of the wealthy Robert Durst, whose wife mysteriously disappeared in New York City in the 1980s and whose body has never been found Read more

  • The Special Relationship movie review

    The Special Relationship movie review 01/12/10 This is a story about the liaison between Clinton and Blair, and shows how Blair consistently punched over his weight, rarely inflicting any sustainable damage on Clinton who pats his Brit ally fondly on the head to keep Read more

  • I Love You Phillip Morris movie review

    I Love You Phillip Morris movie review 28/11/10 Giving an entire new meaning to the notion of physical comedy in a movie, Jim Carrey appears to be getting his groove on with uncommonly fierce homoerotic relish, in the jailhouse biopic, I Love You Phillip Morris Read more

  • Another Year movie review

    Another Year movie review 27/11/10 This film is about two people who are kind and giving, and three people who are needy. Together they dance the perfect dance, unaware that they have to stay in step to fill the gaps of them all Read more

  • Machete film review

    Machete film review 27/11/10 While political movies projecting a serious tone around themes like war tend to drive audiences away from US theaters faster than rumors of a bedbug invasion, when heavy subject matter is laced with light laughs it's an Read more

  • The Company Men movie review

    The Company Men movie review 24/11/10 The global meltdown is spawning innumerable films and this is one of them. It's set inside and just outside the corporate world but unfortunately never gets to the heart of anything or anyone and after watching for a wh Read more

Page 18 of 23, of 456 Movie Reviews news articles. Showing 341-360