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Best Movies About the Online Gambling Industry

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Wed 02 Nov 2022 17:30, last updated: 08/11/22

Movies hardly have gambling as a thematic expression. Rather, it is one of those many flaws a character has in the plot, making such a character a misfit, irresponsible and irrational adult without really exploring the gambling theme.

But a handful of movies have told the story from the other end of the script, detailing the character’s love for the game and why they keep going on.

For these movies, the approach isn’t a don’t try it one, but here is why not to try it. Less focus is placed on being a moralist while majoring in didactic lessons via satire and metaphor.

The beauty of this approach is reflected in the quality of acting and the general acclaim by both gambling lovers and movie critics. In appreciation of these movies, online slots reviews writer Ella Houghton has curated a list of some of the best movies about the online gambling industry.

Uncut Gems:

Released in 2019, Uncut Gems is one of the more recent movies to explore the gambling theme. Starring Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett, the movie is set in New York and explores Howard’s compulsive gambling addicts while giving the big break frenzy. The movie takes you through the emotions and mindset of a chronic gambler, from needing a big break to indebtedness and that “could this be it?” feeling. This movie is up there with some of the best gambling movies ever.

California Split:

Old is gold with this 1974 release, and where else to strike it than in gambling houses and horse races. Despite the several decades since its release, California Split remains one of the best gambling movies of all time. Thanks to detail and an on-screen master class, it’s a great place to start if you want to see movies in the gambling space. The movie is set in Las Vegas and sees two gamblers of varying degrees strike up a winning partnership until personality problems and life gets in the way.


Gambling movies don’t get better named than this. The casino is a 1995 movie set in the limelight of Las Vegas’ gambling freedom. The movie explores casino management, love, greed, and profiteering without holding back. It also gives an insight into how casinos are run and the lengthy process of bagging an operating license. Interestingly, the movie is based on Nicholas Pileggi’s book, Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas

, and the directors sought some screenwriting help from the author.

God of Gamblers

This 1989 Chinese movie starring Chow Yun Fat as the protagonist features a great gambler who loses his memory in an accident. The expert gambler has no recollection of who he is until he makes an unexpected friend while wandering the streets. Together, they rediscover the gambler’s great skill and skim through casinos. Although not your regular Hollywood movie, the Wong Jing directed movie continues to make waves 33 years after its release.

Mississippi Grind

Mississippi Grind is a 2015 thriller featuring Ryan Reynolds that sparks reminiscent feelings amongst gamblers. The protagonist (Garry) was in a bad patch of form before meeting a younger poker player whose skills could change Gerry’s fortunes. The two struck a chord before seeking greener pastures in New Orleans’ poker rooms. The movie also features the Grand Casino, one of the most popular casinos worldwide.

Owning Mahowny

This 2003 film tells the true story of a bank manager (Dan Mahowny) who stole funds from his customers’ accounts to fund his gambling addiction. Dan manages to keep his friends, family, and co-workers from suspecting anything is amiss. Eventually, his frequent casino trips catch up with him as the missing money becomes too much to keep the bank from noticing. As you’d expect, Dan loses control and has to face the music.

The Card Counter

The Card Counter tells the tale of a principled gambler whose strategy is to stake small in hopes of a modest win. William Tell doesn’t visit casinos with hopes of a windfall. Rather, he targets average wins while never spending the night in a casino. He crosses paths with a gambling syndicate that offers staking capital for a percentage of his winnings. An offer Tell realized could save his friend from trouble. The 2021 movie is written by Paul Schrader and is one of the more recent adaptations of online casinos in modern movies.

While these movies are in no particular order, they are some of the best screenplays showcasing the gambling industry in amazing detail. In addition to being expository, they also feature didactic messages about the dangers of compulsive gambling.


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