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Scream 5 review - the iconic slasher is back with a bang

by Tess Penman. Published Thu 03 Feb 2022 14:08, last updated: 03/02/22

The scream franchise has long been cherished in the horror hall of fame. Neve Campbell became a sex symbol solely for her portrayal of Sidney Prescott.

Despite not being the lead, she stood out as the beloved, untouchable character she is. The story starts immediately with the nostalgic kitchen scene that Scream stans and Drew Barrymore, know oh-so-well.

But in this instalment, it is Jenna Ortega who is the target of the return of Ghostface. The You actress is the first on the long list of targets of the anonymous killer.

Her convincing performance as a traumatised teen is just one of many solid acting displays seen in the film.

Ortega’s on-screen sister, Melissa Barrera, is the main character who has a mysterious connection to the original Scream massacre back in 1996. It was a pleasant change to see two Mexican women at the centre of a huge horror franchise.

There are new faces to the deadly town of Woodsboro. Dylan Minnette, who you might recognise from his role as Clay Jenson in Thirteen Reasons Why, was one of them.

He plays Wes Hicks, the overprotected child of Sheriff Hicks, who is no stranger to the killings of Ghostface. My personal favourite was the addition of Barrera’s boyfriend, Ritchie.

The beauty of Scream is its ability to combine humour with sheer terror and Ritchie provided the laughs for the viewers.

For the OG Scream fans, Courteney Cox returned as Gale Weathers and David Arquette returned as the beloved Dewey. To anyone who was none the wiser whilst watching the latest Scream, it was impossible to know that off-screen, the stars were actually married for almost 15 years.

Just like their on-screen characters, they have been separated for years now, but their connection is one of the many reasons Scream has survived for so long.

From start to finish, Scream had you hooked. For anyone up for a good ole’ funny slasher, you will not go wrong with Scream.


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