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5 90s movies that are definitely worth watching today

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Wed 16 Jun 2021 14:51, last updated: 16/06/21

Most of us will agree that the 90s was a prime time for amazing movies that many people still re-watch today. There is nothing better than feeling that nostalgia from watching your favourite family movie or being reminded of your first day of high school by teen comedies.

Planning a weekend movie binge or just looking to watch some of the best 90s movies still popular today? Read on to see the five best 90s movies that should be on your next movie night list.

The Men in Black (MIB) Series

This hilarious comedy about underground alien fighting FBI agents is one for the books. The first MIB instalment was released during a time when the sci-fi genre was just starting to pick up.

The producers hit every nail on the head with this series and they are the epitome of 90s sci-fi/comedy. All three of the movies in this series should be watched as there is a really good story to follow, and the continuity is almost flawless.

Fight Club

No true movie list would be complete without Fight Club. It should even be listed as one of those movies that everyone should watch before they die.

It is filled with raw action and true emotional torment, but in a funny way. This is an ultimate cult classic for the late 90s centred around a pair of soap salesmen who literally start a fight club. Not much more can be said without giving the story away, so if you haven’t watched this yet, do yourself a favour.

The Truman Show

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you? Well, Truman was being watched and didn’t even know it.

Based on a fictional character that is being watched by hundreds of cameras all around town without knowing it - it suddenly doesn’t seem all that farfetched. After more than 20 years, that is the reality that we live in.

When you think about reality shows like the Kardashians, The Truman Show becomes more of a prediction rather than fictional cinematography.


Rounders is one of those movies that grips you from the very first opening scene. You are not likely to forget this action drama with its superb acting by Matt Damon, Ed Norton, and John Malkovich, and the well-written script. This movie is also considered to perfectly highlight life in the Big Apple and the underground scenes that many are not aware of.

Shawshank Redemption

Based on Steven King’s 1982 parable, Shawshank Redemption is not for the faint-hearted. Once you have watched this movie, you will easily see why it was nominated for multiple

It is quite a lengthy flick, following two inmates serving very strict sentences, but it’s definitely worth spending your time on. Not only are Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins exceptional actors, but their true talent is illuminated in this movie. They were born to play those characters.

There are plenty of other 90s movies that you can watch, but these are the most popular worldwide, as well as being the most re-watched films of the decade. After checking these out, there will be no mystery as to why the 90s was the best decade for quality filmmaking.


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