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The great all time films featuring friendship

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Tue 02 Mar 2021 12:54, last updated: 02/03/21

While we're all at home more these days, you might be dreaming of a night with your friends watching films and playing games. Here's our list of top movies about friendship to get you in the mood.

So you can relax, sit back and order a pizza, and enjoy playing real money casino games and watch some of the top friendship tales. Here are 8 best films for true mates.


A sincere, heartfelt and warm film about the fact that there are no limits to true friendship. When people from different worlds meet - an unwilling to work problematic guy from the suburbs and an aristocrat sitting in a wheelchair - a miracle can happen.

Their differences can become important stepping stones on the ladder of mutual understanding. There is no despair in this picture, only an overwhelming desire not to give up.

The Hangover

An unbelievably positive and funny comedy with mind-blowing Las Vegas views about how friends can get mixed up in a story, and how hard they have to get out of it. The Hangover is one of the few hilarious stories that you'll want to revisit in friendly company over and over again.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Two doomed men make a choice: stay in the hospital or see the sea? Together they embark on one last journey, perhaps tasting life for the first time. And so begins an amazing story about friendship and dreams, with delightful direction, subtle humour, terrific acting and an iconic Bob Dylan song.


Seemingly a light comedy with a spoiled teddy bear in the lead role, but if you look closely, the picture unexpectedly reveals complex philosophical issues. As a child, John had no friends until one day his cherished wish came true - his teddy bear came to life. And now grown-up John has to learn to live in a world that has room not only for his best friend, but also for love.

I Love You, Man

A great comedy with healthy humour, and a moral as well. The protagonist didn't expect that he would face a choice: girlfriend or friend because he didn't have any friends. And when a friend showed up unexpectedly, then the bride had a hard time, too.

The Kings of Summer

A keen sense of freedom, a rebellion against parents and society, finding one's way, and, of course, friendship - that's what makes this movie great for kids and a must for adults.

Three friends - Joe, Patrick and Biagio - wish to become full masters of their own destiny and escape into the woods. After all, parents consider their own problems most important, they do not understand the difficult time of growing up their children.

Bridge to Terabithia

A sincere and light-hearted story about Jess and Leslie, very unpopular kids at school. But they don't care much about their peers' problems.

They've managed to create their own world with monsters and wizards, trolls and the Dark Lord. This is not a story in the fantasy genre, this is a story about ordinary children and faith in themselves.

Stand by Me

One of the best adaptations of Stephen King's books about the adventures of desperate teenagers who demonstrate what real friendship between men should be, albeit such little ones.

And their friendship will be put to the test, as the boys get involved in a complicated case - the search for a disappeared boy.


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