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Top Movie Road Trips to Inspire Your Summer Getaway

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Mon 23 Mar 2020 10:15, last updated: 23/03/20

While real road trips will never be as romantic as they make them out to be in the movies, we can do our best to recreate that spirit in our own lives. With simple planning tips and the inspiration of our favorite road trip movies on our minds, we can all better enjoy the road trip experience and the destinations along the way:

The Best Road Trip Movies

Road trip movies have been around since forever. We love them because we get to experience the open road, the beauty of the world, and get to know the kindred spirits embarking on the adventure with us. The best of the best, however, sit apart from just some experience across the US. They tell a more in-depth story of humanity and the human condition, which is why these are our favorite road trip movies to inspire your summer getaway:

1. The Blues Brothers

This fun road trip movie about two brothers traveling through Illinois to get their band back together is quintessential viewing for anyone who wants to get excited about their own road trip.

2. Thelma & Louise

Though you likely won’t be running from the law or meeting your untimely demise on your road trip, Thelma & Louise is a must-watch movie for anyone looking to enjoy their own road trip in the future. Be inspired by the scenery, the friendship, and the fun with this feminist-icon of a movie.

3. Rain Man

This is a perfect movie to watch before heading out on a road trip with your family. This classic, starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, follows the duo across the country and leads to a lot of self-discovery. Oscar-winning, fantastic, and an overall gem of a tale, this is a must for anyone looking to be inspired for their own road trip.

4. Little Miss Sunshine

This cross-country movie where a family embarks on a trip to get Olive to her beauty pageant finals was a massive hit when it first came out. Lovable, remarkable, and incredibly memorable, this movie is the perfect choice to inspire your road trip. With so many cheap RV rentals out there, you too can rent your very own cross-country road trip machine and head off to enjoy a family trip of misadventures.

5. Green Book

Another unlikely buddy story is Green Book, Oscar-winning and beautiful to behold. Follow Dr. Don Shirley as he tours the Deep South in the 1960s on a concert piano tour, driven and protected by the unlikely companion of Italian-American Tony Lip.

Their blossoming friendship is the perfect way to inspire any duo-road trippers out there, and perhaps entice you to rent an old American Classic vehicle to get you from place to place. Great for those about to embark on a road trip, but a phenomenal movie regardless, this road trip movie is a must for everyone.

Road trip movies have always been around and always will be. They take characters and bring them along a physical journey. As they drive across the country, they learn and grow and come out of it something new and better.

You can enjoy a similar experience by getting inspired, renting a car or RV, and setting off on your own. Have your own journey and have fun.


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