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Our Top 5 Gambling Films

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Fri 03 Mar 2017 12:38

Let us open you eyes to the magic of Hollywood movies about gambling. Not all gambling films end up being Hollywood blockbusters, but these five are definitely worth the time of any serious player.

The Thrills of Gambling and Movies go Hand in Hand

A great move can inspire people regardless of its topic, but unfortunately these films are in short supply. Gambling and action movies have many things in common and that is why they are frequently dismissed as a simple form of entertainment.

However, every now and then online casino players can stumble upon a real gem that will leave a long-lasting impression on them. An eclectic mix of solid acting, a convincing plot and some smart ideas help them scored big points with a broad audience, not only gamblers.

Real and Fictional Stories That Inspire Gamblers

The online casino industry is not as glamorous as its land-based counterpart, but has many more things to offer. It’s no coincidence that serious players prefer the Internet and have long traded brick-and-mortar casinos for their online foils.

This is where they get to sink their teeth into generous promotions, bonuses that seem to be never ending and cashback deals. The latter are of great importance, as they give players a second chance if luck deserts them. With play ojo players enjoy the safety net of money back rewards.

Players will agree that if you spend enough time online playing casino games, nothing will surprise you anymore. Basically, if you play long enough you will see it all and in this line of work what doesn’t crush your bankroll makes you stronger. The only thing that the Internet arena is lacking is the ability to craft stories and share inspirational tales. This is where Hollywood kicks in, with its blockbuster productions and captures the very fragrance of what makes gambling special.

Gambling Movies worth Watching

The list of gambling films worth betting on isn’t as long as some might assume, given the attention this activity enjoys in Hollywood. What differentiates these films from regular ones is that they are all story driven. The leading actors bring characters to life and make it easier for the one watching to relate to them. For those who gamble themselves, it is particularly impressive to see how certain events affect those fictional players. The strongest stories are those inspired by real events or based on them.

Sometimes, all it takes is one great actor to turn a good move into a masterpiece. For example, the producers of the gambling film 21, with Kevin Spacey extracted an astonishing amount from a rather simple story. In the wake of its release, both land-based and online casinos noticed a surge in the number of people playing Blackjack. Conversely, the popularity of poker inspired movies is on the rise, after online poker rooms brought millions of players to their Texas hold‘em tables.

Watching movies and playing casino games are distinct forms of entertainment. When they combine, the results can be spectacular, especially when avid players stumble upon some of the true Hollywood gems.


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