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Jack Black has shaved all his hair and beard

by Dana Andersen. Published Tue 18 Aug 2020 21:45

Jack Black’s unruly hair and beard have become a staple to his look through out lockdown, but the time has come for that to change.

The actor has been posting videos on his Youtube channel JablinskiGames for the last year, including through out lockdown at his home in LA.

For many of the first videos on the channel, there was a running gag that despite being a gaming channel, they didn’t actually post any gaming videos.

They did arrive, eventually, and the channel now revolves around gaming, vlogs with his sons, and various other aspects of Black’s life.

Fans have watched his hair and beard continue to grow through his uploads, giving him a completely new appearance, which his followers quickly became used to.

In his most recent Youtube upload ‘everything must go’, Black sits down in his garden, and begins to immediately cut into his hair and beard using a pair of scissors.

The five minute long video progresses with the singer continuing to chop off his locks, eventually moving to a razor to shave off the remaining hair.

Almost the entire video is silent, breaking only briefly when his son came out to see the progress and the two shared a laugh.

Considering its just a video of a man shaving his hair, its surprisingly gripping.

The transformation is an impressive one to watch, with his familiar features becoming visible once again.

As one fan put it in the comments of the video: “You know, I didn’t see it before, but after shaving his beard he really does look a lot like Jack Black.”

Other comments called for people to calm down, since it’s just for his role as main character Aang, in the live action remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender, or perhaps to reprise a life action version of the character he voiced in Kung Fu Panda.

Whatever the style change may be for, when Jack Black said everything must go, he meant it.


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