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VegMovies - new vegan interest movie platform launched

by Dana Andersen. Published Sun 12 Jul 2020 12:51, last updated: 14/07/20

A new platform to help people find veganism related movies has launched online, sharing 200 films for those interested in educating themselves, or finding a vegan character to relate to.

Veg Movies looks set to be the new go to for vegans, listing movies with 'a vegan message, a vegan character, the goal of reducing or exposing animal suffering and exploitation, a focus on climate change, or on sustainability that does not specifically recommend consuming or exploiting animals'.

Hosting established movies and documentaries, as well as those currently using crowd funding, and yet to be released, it's the most comprehensive guide currently available for vegan interest movies.

Clicking on the movie's profile provides viewers with information such as where they can view the film, a synopsis, and warnings for movies that are graphic and could cause upset to viewers.

You can also use the site to filter movies based on genre, focus area, the streaming platform they’re available on, and more.

Amongst the films listed are some great fan favourites like The Animal People, The Game Changers, and What The Health.

There’s also plenty of content which focuses less on veganism as a driving force of the narrative, such as Netflix’s Okja, the recent Watershed Down, and even Jay and Silent Bob Return, thanks to Kevin Smith’s love of a vegan lifestyle.

Creator of the site, Jason Schramm, is the founder of Veg Groups, which includes platforms like VegEvents and VegMealDelivery, both of which can be found under ‘resources’ at the bottom of the VegMovies homepage.

He told Vegan Mainstream in a YouTube interview that he had the idea three years ago, upon realising how difficult it can be to find vegan films.

He said: ”I started collecting a list of 200 movies, So I had this list, I've been adding to it over time, and then after I launched VegMealDelivery a couple of months ago...I thought what is my next project going to be.. I had to evaluate which of my ideas would help people the most.”.

Thanks to his previous work on VegMealDelivery, Schramm was able to get VegMovies up and running in just two months.

Often times links to movies are broken, or viewers may want to avoid the more graphic and upsetting content, and VegMovies aims to help with this and hopefully educate more people on veganism, who may have previously avoided movies and documentaries on the topic.

Theres also the option to submit a movie, giving the option for independent film makes, and film lovers, to submit movies that are less mainstream, making the site even more invaluable for those interested in these types of movies.


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