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Star Wars - An Online Revelry to Celebrate May 4th

by Dana Andersen. Published Sun 03 May 2020 13:09

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With comic-cons, quiz nights, movie showings, and festivals being cancelled across the world, fans are having to find new ways to celebrate their favourite movies, TV shows and books. Perhaps none more so than the ever dedicated Star Wars fans. With May the Fourth approaching fast, fans of the franchise are having to explore new ways to connect with each other, in order to celebrate the date.

Now, more than ever, is the time to connect with people that enjoy the same things you do, celebrate the people that have provided us all with so much entertainment and enjoyment over the years, and make the most of the situation we’re currently involved in. With so many people in isolation, lockdown, or quarantine, the question this year is not if Star Wars fans are going to celebrate the date, but how they’re going to do it safely, and without breaking any rules.

The result is New York Comic-Con, and Star Wars Celebration organisers ReedPop taking it on themselves to run May The 4th Be With You, and Revenge Of The 5th, as online events for fans to enjoy, calling it ‘An Online Revelry’.

New York Comic-Con shared the schedule for the ‘online revelry’ on their social media. The event is to include live tweeting several of the Star Wars movies, and episodes of related TV shows, made all the easier thanks to Disney+, Q&A interviews with celebrities and authors, live gaming, quizzes, and more! You can visit NYCC20.com/Force for the full schedule of events to happen.

The next Star Wars celebration was scheduled for August 27-30 this year, but with current conditions this may not be able to go ahead. Having an online revelry is the perfect alternative to provide to fans, allowing everyone to have fun without having to even leave the safety of our homes.


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