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Val Kilmer declares that he is ready for Top Gun 2

by Khyle Deen. Published Sat 27 May 2017 14:51

Top Gun 2 is coming, Tom Cruise has confirmed that the sequel will begin filming. This can only mean one thing, it's time to get everybody back together.

Ever since Cruise broke the news of Top Gun 2, there's one person that we needed to hear from before anybody else.. his co-star Val Kilmer.

Would he be up for starring in the sequel? That answer is a firm yes, Kilmer posted his willingness on Twitter.

With Iceman in for the sequel, we'd like to request that he keep this t-shirt on at all time during filming. It's fun to think that he may have been wearing that under his all of his clothing in the 80s...

Top Gun is a 1986 multi-award winning movie, winning an Academy Award, Grammy Award, People's Choice Award and even a BRIT Award.

The movie has also spawned several video games over the years, with the first being back in 1987, titled Top Gun, released on the PC and multiple other gaming platforms. A sequel titled Top Gun: The Second Mission, was released three years later for the NES.

Several other Top Gun video games were released over the years, with the most recent being Top Gun: Hard Lock, back in 2012, this was released on the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

A sequel has been in the works for around 7 years now, Top Gun 2 will reportedly start filming in 2018.


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