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Anchorman 2 review footage for an alternative edit

by James McAllister. Published Fri 20 Dec 2013 09:15, last updated: 20/12/13

Anchorman 2 co-writer and director Adam McKay has revealed there is enough left over material from funny man Will Ferrell's improvisation on Anchorman 2 to create an alternative cut for all those fans still craving more of Burgundy.

The director said: “We did actually end up using all the storylines. But what we're going to do is a second version of the movie where we replace every single joke.”

The original Anchorman received a re-edit which was released as Anchorman: Wake up, Ron Burgundy.

Taking advantage of the unused plot lines, including a radical group called The Alarm Clock and alternate takes from the original Anchorman script, McKay compiled all the unseen footage into a fresh movie.

This time the Step Brothers director is planning on keeping the story lines, but replacing every single joke with alternative improvised versions.

He said: “I think maybe five jokes we had to repeat just to bind stuff together, where we didn’t have anywhere else to go. It’s maybe 400 new jokes.”

McKay has revealed that this alternative edit is going to feature a musical number that never made the final cut for anchorman 2.

“We did have a big musical number at the beginning of the movie that we cut out, just because it dragged everything out a little bit – even though it did actually work. It got big laughs and looked really great.”

There has been no word on when we can expect this alternative edit, but it still gives Burgundy fans something to look forward to.


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