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Fast fashion accessories are slipping through the cracks

by Dana Andersen . Published Mon 17 Aug 2020 17:05, last updated: 27/09/20

Public awareness to the negative side to fast fashion is increasing at a rapid pace, but the jewellery and accessories created in the same way seem to be slipping through the cracks.

While a beautiful necklace or glamorous pair of earrings used to be the most expensive part of an outfit, those days have passed for most.

Much more often we see cheap rings, bracelets and bangles ‘completing’ the outfit, and though they may look good, they’re not doing anything positive for the planet.

High quality jewellery is expensive, but the price tag is high because it will likely last a life time, and long after, where as fast fashion jewellery is only likely to survive a few wears.

Low quality plastic gems fall out, the bangles leave wrists with a green tinge, and strings of plastic beads soon snap, leaving them all to rot in landfills for hundreds of years, after only a few hours or days of wear.

Even worse, cheap silver or gold plated jewellery often has cheap metals underneath, leaking toxins while they spend a century or two breaking down.

Not to mention that plenty of those chemicals are also touching peoples skin, and being washed into the water system.

Where as real jewellery may use clasps, holders, molten metals, and special glues to secure gems, the cheap super glues used for fast fashion jewellery are another source of harmful toxins.

Perhaps worst of all, awareness of this seems to be near none existent.

While a google search about fast fashion turns up thousands of results, all with statistics, sources, and educational material, searching for information on fast fashion jewellery turns up nearly nothing.

Information involving the way its created, who is making it, and what is being used, isn’t available anywhere.

Although its easy to find brands selling sustainable jewellery, the information about jewellery that isn’t sustainable, isn’t there to educate people as to why they should be buying this sustainable jewellery.


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