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The worst trends in plus-sized fashion

by Dana Andersen. Published Sat 15 Aug 2020 15:55

There are certain trends seen in plus size clothing, that is rarely seen in straight sizes.

Is it because fashion designers assume their plus size client base want these things?

Perhaps its a way to police the things plus sized people are able to wear, and the parts of their bodies able to be seen in public?

Whatever the reason, here are some of the worst trends seen in plus size clothing.

Cold shoulder tops need to be the place to start. Its true that many plus sized people are self conscious of their arms and want sleeves, but many straight sized people share those insecurities, and plenty of plus sized people do not!

Presumably, designers think its a nice way to keep the wearer cool in warmer weather, without the entire removal of a sleeve, but more often than not it results in a top with sleeves that spin around your arm, get caught on things, and generally don’t work well as sleeves.

Following showing random parts of your body, why is there a trend of a total lack of plus size crop tops in high street stores?

They’ve been an ‘on trend’ item for years now, and yet its not gotten any easier to pick one up in a size 18 or above.

Once again, it has to be an assumption that those who wear those larger sizes don’t want to show their stomach, which is unfair for those who do.

Perhaps the main plus size trend is an inability to show the same amount of skin as a straight sized person may choose to, without buying from independent sellers, or altering your own clothes.

That trend follows through with bottoms. Knee length shorts may prevent the dreaded ‘chub rub’ experienced by many plus sized people, but so do tights!

Shorts that are actually, well, short, aren’t the easiest to find outside of straight sizes.

Midi and maxi skirts also show up much more often in plus sized fashion, while shorter skirts rarely make an appearance.

Larger sizes may be becoming easier to find on the high street, but finding stylish plus sized clothes can still be difficult.

While none of these types of clothing are totally hideous in anyway, and once they’re styled on an actual person they can look amazing, the lack of designs in plus sized fashion become clear once you consider the saturation of these types of pieces.


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