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What Color Should You Choose For Your Prom Dress?

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Tue 24 Sep 2019 22:55, last updated: 24/09/19

Choosing a prom dress can feel like a huge deal. For one thing, you only get one prom, so much like a wedding dress, you want to make sure than the dress you choose is the one you love most out of all the beautiful styles and designs out there. For another, it may well be the first time you've had to choose a special dress for a formal occasion, and it can be a bit daunting to have to think about choosing from styles that are well outside of what you normally wear!

However, shopping for your prom dress is also really fun and exciting, and there are some things you can do to narrow down your options from all of the stunning dresses out there so you can more easily make a shortlist of the dresses you want to try on and seriously consider.

Some people start with a silhouette in mind, for instance, they may decide that they want a strapless dress or a dress with a fishtail skirt. This can be a good starting point if you already know a style of formal dress that you love and which suits you, but it can also be limiting.

A lot of dresses look a hundred times better on you than you would expect from how they look on a hanger or a model in a picture, so you may be missing out on the perfect style for you this way. A better starting point can be colour because having a colour that really suits your own colouring and also stands out is going to make you look fantastic, and won't limit you to certain shapes or cuts of dress.
Here are some ideas about which colours you should think about for your prom dress:


Pink is one of those colours people tend to either love or hate to wear, but if you are a fan of pink, then it can be an excellent choice for formal dresses, and there are hues of pink that suit everybody. If you have dark skin, then a bright, tropical pink can be really striking and beautiful. If you have a cool skin tone, then a pink that is towards blue on the colour chart, such as a purplish pink can be a good choice. If you have warm colouring, then a blush pink or a rose pink with red tones is beautiful.

You can find a great range of pink prom dresses at Jovani if you are looking for inspiration. Jovani is a fantastic fashion brand that specialises in glamorous formal dresses, including for prom, homecoming, pageants, weddings and black tie events. Jovani pink prom dresses include all kinds of cuts and styles, and many of their dresses are available in a very wide choice of colours and sizes, so you are certain to find something you like!

White or Off White

Because prom is usually in spring, it can be a great time for the fresh, bright feel of white dresses. White can be ideal for prom because it is youthful as well as classic, so you can look elegant and formal without feeling like you're wearing an overly mature look. White itself usually looks best on darker skin, so you may prefer to get a spray tan if you want a white dress. If you are naturally very pale but still like the idea of a white dress, you can also consider other very pale dresses that aren't as stark as pure white, such as champagne, nude, blush, or ivory.


Black is always classic and is also flattering and easy to wear. However, unlike for some other occasions, it is best not to make black your instant go-to for prom. It is fine to wear it if you want to, but since formal dresses are such a great time to try more interesting colours, it can be a lot more fun to keep an open mind about wearing something other than black. If you do decide on black, however, look out for dresses with pretty embellishments such as beadwork or other things that add some sparkle.


A really fashionable colour that can look absolutely beautiful for formal dresses is peacock blue. It can look great on most skin tones, too, working just as well on pale redheads as on cool brunettes, golden blondes, and dark-skinned people. If you like the idea of something colourful and striking that doesn't have the perceived 'girly' feel of pink or purple, then you'll definitely find some beautiful dresses to choose from in this colour!

These are a few ideas for colours you might want to think about (or not) for your prom dress, and how to best suit them to your own colouring by choosing the right shade!


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