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5 must-have black basics for your wardrobe

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Thu 05 Jan 2017 19:05, last updated: 05/01/17

When it comes to fashion, black is the colour to save you from all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions. The colour is a classic choice that adds elegance to your look – whether you are going for a casual or upscale style. Black might seem like a boring option, but it’s actually versatile.

By picking a few must-have black basics you can leave room for adding patterns and colour with your other items and accessories. Wearing black will open a world of possibilities for you. So, look at these five must-have black basics and ensure they find a way to your wardrobe.

1. A Little Black Dress

There are simply no excuses for not owning a little black dress. It is a must-have black basic for any woman and it should be a top priority on your shopping list. The black cocktail dress makes it easy to ensure you aren’t thrown off by a surprise invite to a party. You can add more elegance to the dress with jewellery and a shawl, for example. If you are attending something more casual, you can just pair the dress with a cashmere cardigan.

Finding the perfect little black dress isn’t that hard, as there are plenty of good options out there. The key to remember is to opt for a classic cut – you want the dress to be timeless. Make sure to pick the right size, as you can ruin your look by wearing ill-fitting clothing. Don’t opt for something too cheap, but instead, invest in a good quality dress. Use voucher codes to make your dress more affordable from retailers such as Matalan, which has the ultimate collection of black cocktail dresses.

A male’s equivalent to a little black dress would be a good black suit. You want a classic black suit to ensure you have something timeless, no matter what the occasion is. If you are looking for a good fitted black suit, retailers like H&M have a good collection of affordable and stylish suits.

2. A Black Leather Jacket

You’ll also need to invest in a good all-around jacket and black leather is the fashion choice to go with. Leather as a material is sturdy and looks the role in both business and casual circumstances. Pair it with jeans and a jumper for a relaxed look out and about or opt for a golden dress for the party season.

The great thing about a leather jacket is how it can be worn all year around. The jacket is the perfect choice for the chilly spring and autumn nights, and it will keep you warm even during the winter when paired with a hoodie or a woolly shirt. When you do invest into a black leather jacket, don’t forget to learn to take good care of the fabric, as it’ll guarantee you don’t need to buy a new one anytime soon.

3. A Pair of Black Court Shoes

Black is also a solid option when it comes to basic shoes. For women black court shoes are a must-have, as they can be paired with a business or a party look. You need a pair of black shoes to ensure you can be more playful with the clothing, using colour or quirky patterns. The court shoe selection at Debenhams is definitely worth having a look at, as it’s affordable and the shoes have a bit of playfulness in them.

4.A Pair of Black Jeans

A good pair of jeans should be a wardrobe essential, but if you pick your jeans with a black denim finish, you’ll add extra to your look. While denim is always a classic look, black adds a bit more elegance to your basic pair of jeans. It makes different combinations easy. Pair the black jeans with a red silk blouse and golden jewellery, and you are more than ready to take on a casual business meeting. Add a classic white t-shirt and a colourful cardigan and you can show up to a lunch date with friends in casual style.

The jean selection at Matalan and ASOS is worth delving into, as you can find skinny jeans, flared jeans and even boyfriend jeans to add to your collection. Just like with the leather jacket, the key is to learn how to keep your jeans in good shape. So, remember to read denim care instructions to guarantee longevity.

5. A Classic Black T-Shirt

Finally, the traditional white t-shirt is usually mentioned in must-have basics, but black is another colour you need in the wardrobe. The black t-shirt can help you in wardrobe malfunctions, because it doesn’t show dirt and sweat as easily as white. Don’t spend a fortune on this basic but grab something useful from River Island or even Primark.

There you have it! The five must-have black basics to add to your collection. With the above tips and ideas, you won’t find yourself in the dreaded situation of having nothing to wear ever again.


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