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How to rock the sweater this winter

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Mon 05 Dec 2016 11:15, last updated: 05/12/16

It’s December. That time of the year where you love to adore the woolen collection in your wardrobes. So how about trying out a couple of looks, more on the casual side, such as a day to college or an evening out with your friends to a pub or a bingo hall?

Unless of course if you are much of a lazy bone like me during winter, you can always organize a girl’s night in one of friend’s house and pair it up with a game of online bingo with GameVillage.

Another look, which is pretty casual which you try out maybe is the leather jacket look, wear any dark color leather jacket. Go for colors like such as brown, navy blue or an olive green, maybe with a very light colored tee underneath.

Pair it up with all lighter shades of accessories such as boots, caps and scarves. Keep the make up minimal and go for nude shades of lip color. You either wear a blue or a black denim and you are all ready for the day out.

So here is two of my favorite December look, for all you lovelies there. Stay warn and keep it causal yet stylish!


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