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Fashion Policies: Theresa May vs US leading ladies

by Stacey Dutton. Published Fri 29 Jul 2016 23:18, last updated: 02/08/16
Theresa May wearing Amanda Wakely block Print coat and LK Bennett shoes
Theresa May wearing Amanda Wakely block Print coat and LK Bennett shoes

The fashion world has been taking notes with endless amounts of public appearances the UK's new Prime Minister has had to do along with other global female politicians, and when comparing our leading lady Theresa May to the US female political representers we cannot decide who does it best.

When comparing the likes of Theresa May pictured with her LK Bennett leopard print shoes, to the beautiful Melania Trump as she spoke to the republican convention last week, there really is no comparison.

With her figure hugging white Roksanda Llincic dress, Melania stood out for all the right reasons with the dress selling out in minutes after she spoke. But Theresa May certainly is not shy of having not only a sophisticated approach to her style when making appearances, she likes to spice up her wardrobe with the odd items which she knows are unexpected of her when being in such a serious role of Parliament.

When looking at the other powerful women in the public eye, Hilary Clinton also is not one to forget with her well orchestrated outfits with some of the worlds biggest fashion houses.

Her style choice for most of her appearances has been the trusting trouser suit which she seems to have done in almost every colour available, including her latest white suit, which Mrs Clinton has been deemed as a modern-day equivalent of suffragettes clad in white, fighting for women's right to vote.

She has also stepped out in a beautiful Armani Jacket at the New York Primary, costing her a whopping $12,485, which in the political world is frowned upon. It is common knowledge that if you are seen to spend a lot of money on your clothing when in these political positions, then it's a disconnection to the everyday woman.

Michelle Obama has never been one to go overboard on the price tags, and more often than not has promoted US designers, especially at the Democratic Convention. Her designers have ranged from Maria Pinto, Tracy Reese and Christian Siriano.

What has to be remembered when delving into the fashion world of politics, is that there are no guidelines for how women in the political world should dress and how they are expected to look dependent on their outings.

There is already an underlying stigma where politicians are thought to be presented in a certain way, which in this day and age sounds ludicrously sexist when a person should be judged on how they are representing themselves and not based on their material appearance.


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