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Kim Kardashian breaks the fashion industry with Love magazine

by Amy Shaw. Published Fri 09 Jan 2015 17:26

In recent months it’s been Kim Kardashian’s naked bottom plastered across magazine stands and certainly the internet – but 2015 seems to have brought a fresher, more elegant approach for the reality TV star.

Posing for an exclusive new photo-shoot with celebrity favourite Love magazine, Kim has shocked her extensive fan base with a dramatic new look, including bleached blonde eyebrows and what appears to be a much darker skin tone than her usual caramel complexion.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to digitally alter the colour of their skin, such as with some of Beyoncé’s promotional material for her fourth album where her skin appeared much lighter than usual.

This has caused controversy over recent years – something that Kim Kardashian is not afraid of or unfamiliar with.

The nature of the Kardashian brand is to change and develop image all the time in order keep up public entertainment, from Kylie’s ever growing lips to Kim’s darker skin.

Swathed from head to toe Prada and vintage pieces, the wavy hair and Latina vibe of the image could deceive us into believing we were looking at Eva Mendes.

That is, however, until you look at her unusual bleached eyebrows.

Mrs Kardashian West gave us a sneak preview of her bleached brows a few months back when she posted an Instagram snap at little sister Kendall’s birthday party alongside Cara Delevigne – and let’s be honest, who better to have on your arm when talking eyebrows.

Despite her seemingly radical new look, she stuck with what she knows in terms of outfit and sported a classic Kim Kardashian tight fitting two piece.

It has been a good start to 2015 for Kim, with the 30 page Love Magazine spread promising to propel her currently uncertain fashion career forward within the industry – and demands for high fashion critics to stand up and take notice.


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