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Personal Shopping Experience Topshop Bristol Cabot Circus

by Amber May. Published Mon 17 Jun 2013 07:54, last updated: 21/06/13
Topshop store front
Topshop store front

My little sister Alexandra bought my as-new GHD hair straighteners and gave me a £100 Topshop voucher. Score. I mean thank you Alex!

I rolled up to Bristol's Cabot Circus store and requested a Personal Shopper experience to kit me out with some slinky new garms post-pregnancy.

The super personal shopper and fashion-zilla Maryellen came to my aid and surpassed all my expectations.

This was better than the 2009 Oxfam swish massacre I organised in Portishead and the smash and grab madness of Little Red Vintage kilo sale. But nowhere near the meeting of minds, art, music and fashion when I visit the secret lair of my dearly beloved Terratag HQ.

Maryellen had a bright, professional and friendly manner and asked me all the right questions: what was I looking for, how would I describe my style and were there were any items or fabrics that were no-nos.

I explained that I was after a 90s-throwback Donna Karan-esque jersey long-sleeve full-length dress and off-the-shoulder long-sleeved top. But these weren't on the shop-floor this time and remain on my list of most-lusted after fantasy pieces. Maybe in Autumn...

Off the list were short or long dungarees - I've not worn them since I was six, and this was not a trend to resurrect. Ever. No polyester and any 'hot' or common/popular items that the 11-year-olds would be wearing and the fake basketball style vests on the rails. B**ch please, I have authentic Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls vests and wouldn't be seen dead in these ghastly numbers.

It was a thrill to wiggle into a size 10 Aztec flavour stretch mid-skirt, which is perfect for the Summer with a bright colour popping vest or crisp white ruffled shirt. £25 was reasonable, though I'll have to line-dry the bugger when the sun comes out. Hope hope.

Teamed with a chocolate or black top with gold detail this bold skirt will see me into Autumn/Winter.

Topshop have some groovy tie-dye maxi dresses and jungle print jeans/trousers online, but I didn't find them in-store.

Go forth Bristol fashionistas and say Amber from Purple Revolver sent you. Request Maryellen. Make sure you arrive in easy-to-remove clothes and come fully loaded with cash and/or plastic.

Now if only I could find my 90s Gianni Versace over-sized yellow and black/gold tee-shirts...

How long do you think the Aztec trend will last? Until next Summer or the Mayan apocalypse?

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"Thankyou so much for the feedback Sorry we couldnt find the items you were looking for, I really enjoyed myself I hope you did. See you soon" maryellen, Bristol around 10 years, 3 months ago