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Rita Ora Fast And Furious 6 stars in London photo-shoot

by Jo Ching. Published Sun 12 May 2013 10:48, last updated: 12/05/13
Rita Ora
Rita Ora

Rita Ora was mobbed by fans while taking part in a photo-shoot in London.

The singer was mobbed by adoring fans and happily posed for pictures.

Inviting fans to come and meet her, Rita Tweeted pictures to give out hints about her location.

She wrote: "An average day on a Saturday shooting around London! Guys come and find me! I'll be out all day!!!"

The Kosovan beauty is living the dream as she nabs a role in Vin Diesel's Fast And The Furious 6 movie.

The Radioactive singer has a cameo in the car racing movie - and it's turned her on to hot racing motors.

Rita said: “I never really liked cars until I saw The Fast And The Furious but now I love them.
It’s exciting because it’s the first movie I’ve ever really been involved in so I’m excited that it’s a big one.”

Fast & Furious 6, released this month features bald hunk Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

Rita wasn't allowed to drive any of the cars but plays a bit-part babe and starts a race instead.

Rita said: “I don’t drive because we didn’t have time for me to rehearse the stunts.
“It was such a last-minute cameo that we decided that I would be more like the London leader of the pack – a cool little thing.”

The R.I.P. singer plays a half-naked hottie who starts off a race in London.

Guns, cars, bitch fights and a Vin Diesel and Rock sandwich seem rather tasty, but The Prodigy Breathe as a taster of the 'killer' high octane soundtrack is well past its sell-by date. They've not been relevant or radical in years. Boo.


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