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Naked ambition: Victoria Beckham designs in the nude

by Jo Ching. Published Tue 30 Apr 2013 09:15, last updated: 01/05/13
Victoria with Harper
Victoria with Harper

Victoria Beckham has revealed she strips off to design her clothes in the nude as she feels more liberated.

Speaking at the Vogue Festival in London, Posh Spice told her audience that she often strips naked in front of her team when starting the creative process for her range.

The working mum said: "I start by sitting down with the team and discussing ideas first."

“We're all very close and we sit down and we're open and we talk and I normally, you know, get naked and make clothes on myself."

“That's pretty much how it works.”

Victoria also admitted she finds it difficult being a working mother.

Does her radical approach inspire 'that extra half an inch' in her male cohorts?


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