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Rita Ora on her tomboy 90s style

by Amber May. Published Wed 10 Apr 2013 09:05, last updated: 10/04/13
Rita Ora - crouching tigress
Rita Ora - crouching tigress

Rita Ora has spoken out to defend her stalwart street look, saying her stylists always buy her men's clothing and then she 'girls them out.'

The Radioactive singer said that music is the ultimate form of expression, but she loves fashion because there are no rules.

She said: "Music is everything to me. It's the easiest form of connection to another human being.

But speaking on her style, Rita said: "There are no rules. My stylists always get me men's clothes and I 'girl it out' with a dress or I'll rock Air Jordans with a dress or skirt."

Rita is also a big fan of ghetto nail art. She said: "I'm rocking mini nail tattoos of the Queen and £50 notes."

Rita rocks the 90s Seattle grunge look 'I borrowed my boyfriend's lumberjack shirt and sneaked out of the bedroom without him knowing' with a 90s hip-hop gangster lean perfectly. We salute you.

R.I.P. was written by Drake and produced by British dons of Drum and Bass Chase and Status.


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