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90's Fashion: Resurrection

by Alice Yorke. Published Wed 22 Jan 2014 11:03, last updated: 22/01/14

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Wayne's World, Saved by the Bell. Feeling nostalgic yet? The 90's were a great time for pop culture and music and while there are some trends from the era that are best left in the past, others live on and have us feeling like a teenager all over again.

From polyester track jackets to crop tops, 90's fashion was so wrong, yet so right.

Our friends at Ressurection are keeping it retro for the New Year and here are two of our favourite outfits.

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Lauren wears shorts, £25, crop top, £25 and Jacket, £40.

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Karl wears jeans, £25 and jacket, £40


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