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Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Fri 21 Jul 2017 13:29

More and more men try to look after their appearance today. They choose not just outfits, but clothes that will emphasize their own styles and strengths of appearance. The main idea here is to please the representatives of the opposite sex, to attract their attention. There the question arises: what exactly do women like in the men's wardrobe?

What will attract the look of beauty? Despite the fact that the fashion choice today is very large, each taste is strictly individual and there are still several basic principles.

Recommendations for the strong sex
· Men’s tuxedo. All girls from Contact Brides.com called the classic tuxedo the most seductive men's outfits. Just remember — a tuxedo should be sewn especially for you and not hired.
· Men’s jackets. Also, most girls agreed that men in jackets look particularly attractive. Weak sex appreciates solidity, sexual magnetism, emphasized masculinity and elegance of men. However, this doesn’t mean that jackets should be strict and official, on the contrary, girls may don’t like it. Jackets have to emphasize your impeccable taste, but, at the same time, you should leave space for freedom and improvisation.
· Men’s shirts. Many ladies admit that they adore looking at men who wear shirts. They like a freestyle, unexpected details, and original cut. A shirt is a universal thing because it is indispensable at work, and also suitable for walking, for going to the movies or to a nightclub party.
· Men’s leather clothes. Men should also pay attention to the outer clothing. Extremely stylish are things made of natural leather. A combination of a leather jacket with trousers and shoes plays an important role in the girl's eyes. Today, it is very easy to buy men's jackets for every taste: rocker jackets, cowboy jackets, etc. Sexuality and drive that comes from leather clothes act very attractive on women.
· Men’s sports style. A healthy lifestyle and athletic figure is a "calling card" of a man who looks after himself. You can wear clothes that will emphasize muscles and the dignity of your body. But sportswear is appropriate only in the gym. For example, beautiful men's sweatshirts can be worn with jeans to please the female sex. Also, all kinds of T-shirts and expensive sneakers are appreciated.
· Men’s caps. Baseball caps, hats, and hats make stylish not only guys but also their girlfriends. Many girls may confirm that nothing is so beautiful as a cap or a hat borrowed from a boyfriend.
· Men’s moccasins. Many girls consider them a sign of a good taste and sophistication. By the way, moccasins should be worn only without socks. The same is about sandals, but girls don’t consider them attractive.
· Men’s ripped jeans. Girls like bad guys. And bad guys, in turn, always wear ripped jeans. But don’t rip them by yourself. Even ripped jeans should be stylish.

Men's clothing that irritates girls

What kind of men's clothes irritate the weak sex most of all? As a rule, girls are irritated because of tastelessness, lack of measure and sense of style.
Women don’t like when men wrongly combine the clothes they have or wear all that they have in their wardrobes at once. Therefore, try to buy only those
clothes that will fully match your style and will seamlessly combine with the already bought clothes in your wardrobe and also emphasize the male personality.

If you want to conquer a woman's heart, then don’t forget about various trifles — unusual accessories, stylish details and the original cut of clothes. All this, of course, will cause an unprecedented admiration of any woman.


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