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How to make a fashion marketing video for your clothing brand

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Tue 24 Aug 2021 17:53, last updated: 05/09/21

Digital marketing is flourishing day by day. People all around the world prefer to shop for their necessities from the comfort of their homes.

And to make that happen, the internet has extended its hand by showing consumers their desired content.

These days, people prefer reviewing the products online before buying them. This is possible thanks to various options like Google reviews, feedback on websites, and review videos on YouTube.

It works for both online and offline shopping. User experience and attractive advertisements play a major role in every niche. Needless to say, it works for popular and small clothing brands as well.

The only difference lies in the revenues to invest in their advertisements. The ones with bigger budgets can showcase advertisements across several social media platforms and televisions.

But advertising on online platforms does not need much expenditure.

Companies can focus more on creating online advertising videos. Amongst all the different forms of digital marketing, video marketing content works best.

It is because the customers prefer to give minimal effort to consume the content, and watching videos has become easier than reading content.

Moreover, with the help of online video makers it has become easy for anyone with a modest budget to create professional-level videos.

Consumers are increasing their watch time by consuming more and more video content. Thus, companies need to focus on planning suitable video strategies. This can help increase their sales and profits.

If you have a clothing brand and are wondering how to make a fashion marketing video, read our tips below.

Create a YouTube Channel

The first step that any clothing brand can take is to launch an official YouTube channel. YouTube has every solution.

Customers like coming back to this platform to explore the brands. Several content creators review the products and post the videos on YouTube.

Plus, having a presence on YouTube adds to your credibility as a brand. Once you have made your channel, it is essential to keep making quality video content.

Creating videos isn’t enough. The brand must also focus on the watch time of the audience. Many recent studies have observed that the attention span of an average human is a mere eight seconds. Therefore, grabbing the attention and keeping it till the end of the video is crucial.

Curating ideas that focus on these important criteria is necessary. On the channel, the brand can make content on current trends and styling guides.

Q&A videos are also interesting videos where your audience can learn more and clarify any questions they may have about your brand and what it offers.

Additionally, giveaways are also a great marketing tactic to attract customers, which is important for the brand’s growth.

Using Layouts:

To make the video more attractive and colourful, creators often use layouts. There are several video makers that come with templates.

The video editor can install any of these templates that can match the fashion criteria. The video creator must also keep in mind that the designs should not be too messy. Often, the most simple and minimalistic designs make the coolest videos.

Use Emojis:

To set the right tone of the video, it is recommendable to use emojis. Implementing emojis can add a positive element and helps capture the attention and emotions of the viewer.

For example, LinkedIn posts that include emojis are more interactive. They set the tone, and people are more likely to read the piece of content with emojis. This is also true for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Use a video editor that makes helpful suggestions that you may have otherwise missed. It can check whether the video looks attractive with or without emojis.

There are several emojis, but remember to pick the ones that look best for fashion videos in particular. Adding animations and several other enhancements can make the video look beautiful.

Selecting Filters:

The most basic element needed for capturing good videos and photographs is lighting. Without proper lighting, the video can look unattractive and of inferior quality.

To make it presentable to the audience, the video makers can also install presets and filters.

Filters can help boost the video if there is not enough light at the time of shooting. Almost all video editors come with filters.

Call to Action:

One of the most important elements in digital marketing is the call to action. Video marketing depends largely on this criteria.

Having a proper call to action in any video is essential, as without this, the viewer would not know whether to take any action in favour of your brand after watching the video.

Call-to-action makes it easier for the audience to take action, such as subscribing to the YouTube channel, commenting, or sharing the video with friends, and more. The audience can get converted into a customer with the least effort if the call-to-action is present in the video.

Video Resizing for other Social Media Platforms:

Another crucial element in making fashion marketing videos is to resize the same video for multiple social media platforms.

Each platform has different requirements and accepts only a certain aspect ratio for videos. Thus, it is vital to customise and resize according to the platform’s requirements.

Not every customer uses every social media platform. Therefore, to reach every kind of audience, remember to customise your videos in different formats.

A lengthy YouTube video can be turned into a 30-second Instagram Reel. You can use a video editor to make Facebook and Instagram stories, social media ads, and Facebook and Instagram Newsfeed and Instagram posts.

A single video editor can cover as many social media platforms as possible to cater to a variety of interests and gather a potential audience.


Making fashion marketing videos is important for clothing brands to showcase their products. With the help of online video editors, it becomes easier to create marketing videos that capture the attention of your potential customers.

Nowadays, many online video editors come with built-in templates and filters that match the requirements of any fashion video.


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