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Brit girl signs Japanese pop deal after YouTube Manga dance viral

by Pierce King. Published Wed 10 Feb 2010 12:41, last updated: 10/02/10
Beckii Cruel
Beckii Cruel

A British schoolgirl is destined for Japananese pop stardom after she videos of her dressed as an Anime character she posted to YouTube became a worldwide viral sensation.

Rebecca Flint, from the Isle of Man, plays Beckii Cruel in the videos, which have attracted millions of hits to her cosplay cartoon character dance routines.

The teenage pop icon said she first became interested in Manga cartoons and comics when she picked up a translated copy of Fruits Basket, a series aimed at the growing girls market.

A Japanese publishing company realised her star potential, signed her to a record deal and she's jetting out to promote her debut album on Wednesday.

Her father, Derek Flint, said it was 'tremendous experience for her.'

"So far it's been a tremendous adventure, not many teenage girls get to travel across the globe and have this sort of exposure," said Mr Flint, a Manx police officer.

"We've brought our children up with the internet, they've always had access to it.

"Rebecca is well aware of the online dangers, she's been well advised and has told us when there have been problems.

"This was just a bit of fun, dancing to Japanese culture she enjoys and its captured people's imagination."

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