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Bill Murray - the all-time best unexpected guest

by Pierce King. Published Tue 02 Feb 2021 08:45, last updated: 03/02/21

What do you do if you're stuck at home at a loose end in New York, or even in a strange city in a far away country, well if you're Bill Murray, you find a bunch of strangers and a party to crash.

Stories of the Ghostbusters star gate-crashing private house parties have entered folklore as The Lost In Translation star seems to be in his element meeting new people and cracking jokes.

Something the Saturday Night Live comedy hero has been doing since the 70s when he used to hang out at Dan Ackroyd's NYC Blues Bar - a dive bar, where they would unwind until the early hours after shooting.

But Bill, 70, has hit the headlines many times during the past couple of decades, for many reasons, including drunk driving arrests while at the wheel of a golf cart in Sweden.

Or showing up at a Texas bar during Austin's SXSW festival with the Wu-Tang clan - and insisting on bartending, but only serving shots of tequila, no matter what was ordered.

Here's a tale of two cites and Bill 'Ghostbustin' ass' Murray...

When he was in St Andrews for a Scottish celebrity golf event, he met Lykke Stavnef, a Norwegian blonde, who was out with her friend Marie Bergene at the fashionable Ma Bells bar.

To her amazement, Bill accepted her invitation to a party and accompanied her along the cobbled streets to a Georgian townhouse, where a gathering overflowing with young Scandinavians was in full swing.

"The alcohol ran out very quickly when word got round that he was with us," said Agnes Huitfeldt, 22, an economics and finance student.

"I was standing in the hallway when he came in. I introduced myself, but I was really surprised when he remembered my name later as there were so many people there."

"He was joking with me about reheating some leftover pasta and how drunk everyone was. The pasta was probably quite hard to get off the dishes, because they had been sitting around. And he just rolled up his sleeves and started washing up!"

Shortly after finishing the washing-up piled high in the students' kitchen, the Hollywood star left with a couple of companions who were involved in the golf competition.

Another story centres in New York City and a group of friends out for a few drinks at a local Karaoke bar, who spotted somebody who looked just like Bill walk in.

After discovering it was the real deal - they invited him and his female friend into their Karaoke room.

The Stripes star and the girl he was with, who said she was from Amsterdam and sang French songs, bought everyone 'a weird green drink' called Chartreuse. After knocking these back, Bill sang an Elvis song and applauded everyone as they took their turn.

Bill Murray - we salute you!


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