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Dr Martens Liverpool One store customisation day with Stigma Tattoo

by Camilla McNatty. Published Mon 23 Apr 2012 19:35, last updated: 23/04/12

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Hundreds of Dr Martens fans filled the Liverpool One store this weekend to turn their beloved and iconic boots into a pair of walking artworks, at the highly-anticipated customisation day.

The sheer volume of demand for similar events across the world and excitement on the Official Dr Martens Facebook page highlights the art of tattooing gains new fans every day and that Dr Martens remains a consistently innovative brand.

The dazzling array of customisations proves that the classic DM silhouette can be adapted and re-invented to produce a contemporary and very wearable style for whoever is willing to embrace it.

Both Jamie and Stefan from Stigma Tattoo, located on Hanover Street, spent the day tirelessly adorning boot after boot with intricate, hand drawn designs, adaptable to the whim of every passing customer.

With the artists taking centre stage in the store's front window, fans were more than happy to queue for hours - for a unique pair of shoes and a killer view of the magic as it unfolded.

With designs ranging from the traditional images of anchors, swallows and skulls, to a more unique design featuring snails on one customers’ white 1460, both tattooists were enthusiastic and professional.

Their artwork reigned supreme and they took each request in their stride - even with the added pressure of knowing that they were playing with something much loved and adored.

Both artists were able to adapt impressive designs from their personal portfolios and coupled with a very steady hand, created a production line of happy faces walking away with a pair of boots like no other.

Purple Revolver caught up with Jamie Cummins, manager at Stigma Liverpool, for his opinion on why the art of tattooing is synonymous with the Dr Martens brand.

He said: "Dr Martens and tattoos are something that have progressed in the same way. They were both seen as acts of rebellion-with punks and skinheads wearing DM’s as a form of social disregard and also having tattoos as part of this.

"Now, I think both have progressed to a point where a wide spectrum of people can comfortably wear Docs and be proud of their body art. These are two things that have over time, evolved from signs of rebellion against society, to something which is being embraced and celebrated."

Jamie cites tattooing styles such as Americana and Japanese designs as his influences as well as more traditional work.

In terms of tattoo artists, Jamie admires a wide range of talent: "There are numerous artists who I have a high regard for. I would say that my favourites are Chad Koeplinger, Bert Krak, Mike Adams, Horiyoshi III and Phil Kyle.

"I also greatly admire the work of my mentor, Tim Irvine and my colleague, Stefan Peters who always strive for the highest standards within the studio."

He highlights the importance of being able to adapt to every customers needs as one of the most vital aspects of his work at Stigma.

He added: "We pride ourselves on being a predominantly custom studio, we draw up as many designs as possible to ensure maximum satisfaction - we would never start work without a customer being completely happy with the design.

"With all design work and consultations offered for free and tattoos charged at £60 an hour, we feel you are getting a lot more for your money and most importantly the piece of mind that a fully qualified and professional team is on hand."

You can find the team at Stigma in Gostins Arcade, on Hanover Street, Liverpool.


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