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Skream release new video online

by Martin Higgins. Published Tue 13 Jul 2010 11:04, last updated: 13/07/10

Skream have released a video for their forthcoming single Listenin To The Records on My Wall with a short video account behind the creative team that produced it.

The video's director David Wilson (Best New Director, UK MVAs 2009) pulled together a small army of artists, art directors and physical effect prop makers to create a sensual, tactile world that transforms from the bleak, barren landscape of primordial earth to the luscious oasis of the Garden of Eden.

Using a whole host of stop frame effects, Wilson portrays the story of Adam and Eve like you've never seen before.

Skream are now ready to unleash the creative brilliance of the new video, marrying dubstep's most forward thinking artist with an unmistakably dedicated team of filmmakers.


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