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Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor James Avery angry after death hoax

by Martin Higgins. Published Mon 14 Jun 2010 17:04, last updated: 14/05/12

“Uncle Phil” actor James Avery from Fresh Prince of Bel Air fame is said to be furious after false claims of his death were posted online.

The death hoax was circulated last week on Twitter by internet pranksters who targeted the well-loved, portly 61-year-old announcing in no uncertain terms that he had kicked the bucket.

But the hoax was taken too far, when reporters starting calling the actor's mother for comments.

Avery responded angrily to the hoax saying: "I don’t even know where it came from. It pissed me off, I know that.

"I mean, really, they’re going to take away what little career I have left.

"My mother was scared. See, I don’t understand this whole Twitter, Facebook stuff. I don’t get it. Make a phone call. Talk to somebody.”

James Avery is alive and well, appears in the Karate Kid remake and is working on Transformers 3.

Anyways, Death wouldn't stand a chance taking on Uncle Phil, he would just throw him by the tits out of his mansion Jazzy Jeff style. Arrrgh!

Words by Martin Higgins, at www.mhfreelance.co.uk


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"So glad it was a hoax about you being dead. I saw you on the Young and the Restless as Judge Roy Daley. Love the way you shut Christine up." Elvia Canales, La Porte, Texas 77571 around 5 years, 8 months ago