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Second Scott Pilgrim trailer released

by Toni Garden. Published Tue 01 Jun 2010 13:27, last updated: 01/06/10

Making good on their promise of a second trailer when the Facebook fan page reached 100,000 “likes”, Universal yesterday rewarded fandom for their hits.

The new trailer boasts more epic, epicness from Edgar Wright’s latest flick boasting a rip roaring soundtrack to fit the OTT fight sequences and quirky picks for this romantic slacker quest.

Building on the loyal fans the new trailer will entice those unfamiliar with Pilgrim and give a good idea of what to expect from the film including Michael Cera doing what he does best and pulling that innocently confused nerd face and Kieran Culkin sporting one hell of an Emo hairdo and some awesome one liners.

The latest teaser also reveals more of the supporting cast which seems to be a mixture of the quirky misfits of Hollywood from both the old class - Jason Schwartzman and the new class - Alison Pill.

Here’s hoping that the new trailer isn’t giving away all the goods and the finished product will be even more epic than the trailer promises.


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