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Calvin Harris suffers Twitter meltdown over reviews

by Pierce King. Published Sat 15 Aug 2009 15:44, last updated: 24/08/09
Calvin was caught red handed on Twitter
Calvin was caught red handed on Twitter

The brains behind Twitter mean we no longer have to wait for Pop stars battered egos to erupt in violence on camera, we can now follow watch them implode in real time.

Calvin Harris – one of music's most prolific tweeters – got out of bed on the wrong side this morning and not even a caffine rush could prepare him for bad reviews from the likes of The Guardian.

"Imagine you just spent 2 years of your life making a record. on your own. every single day, long hours, working to get it sounding right," posted Harris.

"Imagine the buzz of making something that you love, and after 2 years you finally have something you can't wait for other people to hear...

"Then imagine that cd landing on the desk of 'snide rich persons kid' or 'pathetic london scene-FACE, then them skipping through the tracks in their lunch break, and saying 'well its calvin harris isn't it? 2 stars, he's a dick head'.

"I'm telling you now that it doesn't feel good."

Calvin's early morning tweets began at 9am, but deteriorated into block capital rants blaming the bad reviews Ready for the Weekend received on the fact that the music press is full of posh nobs.


He then goes on to blame other adversaries of the struggling artiste, such as "RICH PEOPLE", "RICH PEOPLE'S KIDS" and, er, "RICH PEOPLE" again.

Calvin continues to criticise "RICH PEOPLE'S KIDS GETTING GOOD REVIEWS BECAUSE MUMMY FUCKED THE JOURNO IN THE 80S", which could be a good follow up song.

His last tweet on the subject revealed his frailty: "I can't ignore it," he tweets dejectedly. "sorry, but it does affect me, + it is hurtful, + i know that it's exactly what i wanted it to be, and i'm proud of it."


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