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Macca stranded on Eurostar train for six hours

by Bert Bernstein. Published Wed 07 Mar 2012 15:18, last updated: 08/03/12

Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney may have had a Ticket to Ride but found himself stranded for six hours on a broken-down Eurostar train.

The former Beatle, 69, wife Nancy, 51, and daughter Stella, 40, were marooned in the French countryside after five inches of snow caused an overhead power cable to collapse.

Despite the terrible conditions on the train, chatty Macca did not let the long delay send him off the rails. A passenger said: "It was a pretty hideous situation but Sir Paul was on fine form. He had a laugh and a joke as he chatted with the passengers in his cabin and he signed dozens of autographs. He was more than happy to muck in and try to keep everyone's spirits up despite the conditions."

Macca was among thousands caught up in the chaos on the cross-Channel service which should take two hours and 15 minutes.

He was returning from Paris on Monday night after attending Stella's Paris Fashion Week show.

The chaos, which resulted in 11-hour delays, continued yesterday with four trains cancelled from St Pancras in London to Paris.

Passengers complained of poor information about the problems and terrible conditions on board with bottled water being rationed and parents unable to change babies' nappies.

Eurostar said yesterday: "The good news is we are not expecting any more problems with the lower cable. We were doing everything we could to keep trains moving but it wasn't something in our control."


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